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I am a farmer by: ForestDweller

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I\\\'m someone that can afford neither pizza nor burger..
but still i provide food in a country where people live in crore..
I work with untiring energy,be it summer or winter..
The only helping friends that i know are my bullocks and plowshare..
When the whole world gets busy, going after money and lover..
I struggle to get my vegetables and crops bought for any customer..
The angry sun burns my skin in summer..
But poor me, can\\\\\\\'t even buy a fan,forget about a cooler!
I know the value of education without being school-goer
But my children can barely get educated when their father is only a helpless plower...
I\\\'ve never heard of any actor or a film director..
The medium of entertainment for me is the arrival of snake charmer..
I get my body toned,although i am not a gym-goer
It\\\'s all natural and i don\\\'t seek advice of a gym instructor..
God didn\\\'t make me a banker or a lawyer..
I earn wages in return for my hard labor..
Though the rich are dependent on my crops yet i am getting poorer..
yet i am getting poorer..
Guess who i am!
Yes you guessed right, the bulls are my family members and the earth is my mother..
I\\\'m a farmer..
I\\\'m a farmer..
(I Salute to the \\\"farmers of Bharat\\\" who struggle to make both ends meet but still they go on working without any complaint in life)

19 04 17 - 09:03:40


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I am a farmer : Recent Comments

+ kelly

I never taught about it like that Tutu. I love this. Thanks another great blog by my buddy

02 05 17-04:53:22

- QueenOfHisheart

Very nice blog ..fully dedicated to all those laborious farmers accoss the world (up)

20 04 17-20:06:30

- Crepe

A very nice blog,indeed. True enough. Cheers to the Farmers. My grandpa and grandma have a farm and I cant thank them enough for being good provider. The necessity of every individuals depend on the crops their hands plant and mend. Your blog deserves a round of applause and standing ovation. (thumbsup)

20 04 17-08:56:29

- Helohelo

It z so true. How you put it all out here. So damn true. Just cannot bear the news that lots of farmers resort to suicide or kill their family because of extreme poverty and hopelessness.
Wish reading such a blog as yours will make everyone do something constructive about this problem. Great one.

19 04 17-13:17:56

+ ForestDweller

(edit-it\'s complaint not complain. Unfortunately editing facility is not available in this site)
@Muzalfa jee, thanks for your comment.

19 04 17-12:59:40

- MuzdalifaH

Well its fact but i think zamna gona change na ab tu in villages mei b tvs and alk facilities are avalible in Pak halat are much better .. But phir b there are certain of villages still seeking for badic facility . former are the root of aby society .. Nice blog really hads off to every former in world they really deserve it ..

19 04 17-09:48:41


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