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Opportunity is within you - find it by: creed

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Everyday on this portal I get to meet and greet numerous individuals who tend to suffer from some or the other type of depression / obsession. Surprisingly, I kinda treasure these meets, since I get to analyze these folks from my neutral perspective. It is not a wasted effort, as I get to learn loads of things from them. However, at-times I do feel sad - for I evaluate their suffering as a case-study; but then I do lend an ear to them, thus easing out a bit of their pain.
Usually, I come across people who have either lost their jobs, spouses, money, friends or loved ones. While each of them considers their own problem to be most unique and tragic, you will be astonished to know that, cumulatively they all face the very same issue - They have all forced this pain upon themselves while blaming it all on the situation / circumstance.
Tragedies are part and parcel of life; For some people, they happen more often than others. Every-time a tragedy strikes, it impresses upon us a very negative effect. It is not always within our power to avoid a disaster / tragedy / loss / heart break, but it is very much within our capacity, as to how we can react against it.
Post tragedy, most of us move into a state of depression. In some crazy way, we end up blaming ourselves for the loss even when we may not be fully responsible for it. We fail to respect the fact that Mistakes do happen and nature is not under any mandate to play fair. The loss will hurt us, but how much exactly it should hurt us, is a question to ponder upon.
Post a traumatic experience we start building a shell around ourselves. We think that, it is the more righteous way of dealing with the situation. When we start isolating ourselves, we unintentionally start killing happiness in our life. We do not just affect ourselves negatively, but we spread this contagious negativity to our loved ones too.
It is not wrong to cry your heart out; But, how much would you cry out? You cannot simply make crying, whining and being sad as your sole purpose in your remaining life. There are other things to do too. In-case move into a breakdown mode, you would hurt all those who are connected to you.
If you have lost your love, wish him/her eternal happiness, forgive him/her and then start finding your own happiness. If your loved one has passed away, pray for them and do things that would make them happy, if they had been alive. If you have been cheated by somebody, dedicate some of your time to educate and ensure that others do not get cheated. If you have lost your limbs, then you have a fair chance of becoming a role model to million others who are able bodied but are not able to live up-to their potential. If you have failed in your venture, find out the reasons behind your failure and start a new venture by ensuring that you do not repeat those earlier mistakes. If you have lost fortune, there is never a bad time to start building one.
It is easy to jolt down all these motivational sentences, but the credibility for these become apparent only when you see a role model in action. A role model is somebody who has faced all these obstacles in his/her life and yet still has made a mark for himself/herself in this world. Look out for these role models - they could be anybody - it could be an industrialist, an actor, a social worker, an athlete or your neighboring aunt.
As long as you draw the right inspiration from your role models, you will succeed. The opportunity for success is not in an auspicious circumstance, but it rather is within you. Grab hold of this opportunity while you have the time. The taste of success is the best among anything that we can ever have.

23 04 17 - 09:26:09


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Opportunity is within you - find it : Recent Comments

- Mirage

What you wanted to say here was mostly true and really motivational and inspirational..
But you do have missed some points here.. You have only pointed upon those tragedy which have only instant effect.. But what about those situations where a person has to deal with tragedy through out the whole life!!
Also being ISOLATED is not always the choice that made by the person who was hit by the tragic incident.. Sometimes the whole world make the choice to isolate the person..
As an example..
If a person get disease like Leprosy the whole world will put him in ISOLATION without any second thought.. And as you were talking about THE LOVED ONES.. Those So Called Loved Ones also would Not Care or Dare for that person to bring out from Isolation.. Instead they might even deny to consider any relationship with that person..
This world could be real cruel in times when something goes wrong for someone and sometimes someone may not be able to avoid the Isolation no matter how hard they try..
But I wish you or any body should never experience such situation in their own life.. Just keep on being positive and create positive Blogs like this.. (smile)

06 04 18-21:18:49

- Helohelo

Wow. This is particularly eye opening and unique. Gotta learn to be more positive(tup0)

24 04 17-08:52:25


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