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The word matured might be talking to the old physical appearance of a person. Some times its about how you solve your problems,how u guide or advices other people. Sometimes it about how they see you or the actiond that you do in real life.
For me being matured is the time when a person or individual can balance their self.
What do i mean about this?
I will tell you only my opinion. It may be different to others.
Being matured is not to turn yourself into a grumpy strict person. That will say HEY DONT DO THAT
Then because of these words you will be sad and ask yourself DO I REALLY NOT TO DO THAT?
For me is a big NO NO.
Being matured is when you know when to get serious on somethings, and when to have fun like a child.
Example #1: Your friend is crying and seek for your advice. But when your friend told you about their broken and then you laught hard!!!
Are you really that kind of person? It seems like you dont understand whats going on..---This i think is a childish thing.
But if you sincerely advice your friend and symphatize,for me thats a matured thing to do...
Example #2: You hv a baby in the house. Then as you think you are matured you dont want to play with the baby in the house. --- seriously?? You think your matured in that way? Duh??
I admit when i see someones baby they are so dear to me and i play with them. Not because i am immature. But because babies are so adorable and hard to resist. Specially when a baby whom you dont know wants to be with you. And after sometime their mother notice that their baby is asleep on your shoulders already.
I think i will end my blog here. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Thank you for your time reading it.

05 05 17 - 07:46:13


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ARE YOU MATURED OR NOT? : Recent Comments

- Crepe

Wow! Zombie, you got me pretty excited checking on your blog. You are actually on point. You are quite mature to include adorable baby in your content. I genuinely like it. (toohappy)

07 05 17-10:04:06

- MuzdalifaH

Nice blog but i think its normally everyone knows and how actually do it is not mature but egolestic and think them self out of this world as they thought them self so big and out standing but actually they are not ... Nice thoughts

06 05 17-00:07:02

- QueenOfHisheart

If I genuinely care for someone I manage to give them a nice sort of advice but the advices given by a mature person has an aroma and strong support that convince everyone quickly. It\'s a very nice blog pointing out very nice things (up)

05 05 17-22:43:03

+ MortalMan

I loved reading this blog. You\'re very true because maturity, patience and kindness are interrelated. If someone only acts strict then that\'s not maturity.

05 05 17-11:40:52


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