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I witnessed the screaming sky crying over mE
Flooding my land couldn\'t find its way to the sea
I witnessed the graphite sky booms in a zig zag streaks
And From the cloud to the ground lightning freaks
I witnessed innOcent people swallowed by the Tsunami
Thus nature calamities flows free
I witnessed the Earth Quacks below my feet
Its hell or heaven there where we gonna meet
I witnessed the curze get sank into the deep ocean
I witnessed the scorching heatwave of shining sun
I witnessed the stormy wind of cool breeze
I witnessed the advanced technology gets seized
When The nAture\'S wrath is unleashed

27 05 17 - 08:55:21


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I witnessed : Recent Comments

- Que_Sera_Sera

You are a fantastic writer (thumbsup)it always caught my eyes to read

26 08 17-13:24:49

- QueenOfHisheart

you witnessed so many things ...good observer with a very good eye sight :\"P

31 05 17-00:30:24

- Crepe

I witnessed a very earthly blog. I witnessed how the words where properly composed. Amesome poetry.

28 05 17-12:12:56

- wii0

Nice poem... love it. God job (no1)

28 05 17-09:47:42


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