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!!..His Unexpected Arrival, since that day..!! by: Nyx__

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Her own misery sweeped away since the day He Came along..
Her Ocean of tears died away since the day He touched her delicate face..
Her Lack of Words Sprang into action Since the Day He Kissed hEr..
Her low contrast of eyes brightened since the Day He laid his Eyes upon her..
Her Merely dead tired Heart thudded rapidly alive since the day He Closed the distance between them..
Her dragging feet felt flowing in the air since the day He Safely sweeped her off her feet..
Her Ears twitched since the day His deep gruffy melodious Voice clouded into her whole brain..
Her Whole frame Shook with pleasure Since the day He invaded her privacy..
Her shallow of breaths subsided into inaudible gasps Since the Day He Found her perfect spots..
Her world Gone upside down Since the day He emerged right into her seed..
Her Deep scars felt almost Invisible since the day He trailed his pink Petals over them..
She had became the part of him since the day He covered her with all of him..
They Were made One million times under the bright illumination of the Moon..
She was his world and He was Her Savior..

26 06 17 - 11:21:29


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!!..His Unexpected Arrival, since that day..!! : Recent Comments

- Seema111

Heart touching nice words,,really impressive lines

03 07 18-22:32:51

- Mirage

I can feel your words.. The depth of the wordings by which you expressed the emotions are just awesome .. You nailed it dear..

30 06 17-21:47:18

- Crepe

(whistling) What I really like about you Mom-Sei is that you got this strong personality and it reflects on the way you write. Such bold and utterly strong emotions here. (thumbsup)

27 06 17-06:44:13


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