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How to be a rockstar on chats or in chatrooms by: creed

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This blog is inspired from the book How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. The book in question has a reputation of being one of the first self-help books written and selling more than 15 million copies worldwide. Post reading it, I found major similarities in the way I would conduct myself when trying to make friends in chatrooms. Thus I found it apt to share this with you.

People essentially join social chat networks like to get attention. They wish to make friends, gain attention and be a sort of rockstar among them. For this some upload their beautiful and handsome pictures in hopes that people will like them and approach them for friendship. This has sometimes led to irate of those puritans who consider that they are all holy for uploading original pics and others are sinful for uploading a fake pic. I imagine that people will surely approach the so called puritans for friendship, but as to how long this friendship would last fully depends upon the way these puritans interact with other folks.

I, however have a sure-shot method of ensuring that people perceive you as a friendly person and would be happy to remained engaged in friendly talks with you irrespective of how you look. Following are my few pointer in achieving that!

1) Always be upfront and greet people along-with a smile: This makes people think that you are a friendly person to talk to. While doing this, make sure to be creative in the way you greet people. A prospective chatter would be receiving loads of monotonous greetings each day, in such a scenario - you will catch hold of their attention only if your greeting style is a bit different, but yet still friendly. Also make sure not to repeat that same greeting over and over again.

2) Never criticize anybody publicly: As long as it is not related to site violation, never criticize anybody publicly. People keep on judging you every moment of your chat. If you criticize people openly, they start considering you as a hostile talker. Try avoiding talks on controversial subjects too.

3) Show your appreciation: While trying to understand a person make sure to appreciate qualities within that person. Ever-body has something better than you, appreciate them, make them feel blessed. This will result into adding positivism in your chats. Appreciate people for giving you time. A thank you note never goes wasted. However kindly ensure that it does not sound monotonous.

4) Show your interest in other people by listening ( reading ) what they have to say: You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

5) Be knowledgeable: If you are knowledgeable in areas of interests that your prospective chats want to talk about then indulge in conversations related to that topic. While doing so, make sure to listen/read to their side of the story too. Nothing works better than making people pour out their own thoughts.

6) Remember people: It is possible that you get in conversation with 100s of online folks at RockChat, in such a scenario it is difficult to remember all of their names. RC has a functionality called sticky note. This note area acts as your ready reference whenever you start talking to people. You can place a sticky note about a person right on their profile page. This sticky note can contain data such as firstname, date of birth and anything relevant that you may want to post there. Also, during conversation try to address a user with his/her firstname. It allows for a better connect with them and increases personal affinity with each other.

7) Avoid all arguments that cannot be won: In any social structure, arguments are omniversal. Everybody cannot concur with whatever views you hold true in your mind. It is best to avoid an argument because at the end of each argument, both the arguing parties end up with more hatred towards each other. In case the argument is inevitable, try keeping your emotions out of it. Adding a person in ignore is the best option in case or irreconcilability.

8) Never tell people upfront that they are wrong: It seems insulting to people whenever somebody counters them and proves them wrong. Instead one should try to be humble and put forth their point of view while adding a disclaimer that whatever you have stated might be wrong too and that further thinking about the same might be needed.

9) Whenever you are wrong, admit is clearly and immediately: When you do such a thing, the one who is about to blame is left with no choice other than forgiving you. If you accept your mistake and convince the other person that you are truly sorry for it then it leaves no scope for that person to berate you or penalize you. We commit many mistakes on chats, as a result our loved ones feel hurt. It is best to apologize about that mistake and allow for normalization of relationship.

10) Influence people indirectly, it is more effective: One of the things that girls hate the most in chats is a guy asking for sex chat directly. Such a gesture demeans the woman and she feels being treated a cheap sex worker. If you really wanna get a lady involved in your fantasies then first make a conversation connection with her, appreciate her, get to know her a bit, and only then approach her for your fantastical talks. This method may not work with all girls as many consider it as a taboo stuff to do, however your chances of getting a positive reply for your kind of talk increases exponentially if you follow this indirect way.

When you have been through all 10 points, you will think that all these are mere common sense. Indeed they are! However since we fail to take enough care and attention we usually fail in our en devour to make numerous friends and be a rockstar in chatrooms. Humans by nature a social animals, if you follow the above 10 basic pointers, you are sure to make immense benefits in your ability to make friends and even influence them.

09 07 17 - 06:43:32


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(nooo) I failed in almost all above listed points (ras) n I don\'t regret on dis bcoz I m not here to be rockstar!!:)

01 09 17-21:24:22

- Nyx__

(hyan) I have got nil qualities from the listed above ! And this is how you became a rockstar, creating this site ! (yeeii)
Really Like the Blog ! (vee)

09 07 17-22:47:01


Hmmmm is blog ko study karne ke baad toh mai sure ho gya i am not rockstar in chating...bahut kamiya hai re bawa mujhmai (sad)

09 07 17-20:23:18


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