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Warfare & consequences by: MortalMan

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Surrounding is elysian..
When we look through the window to watch the clear blue sky..
A chirpy bird seems like a magician..
When it flaps its wings & flies high..
When we live together in peace..
Even something trifling becharms..
But a mind full of ego& avarice,
militates against peace and harms..
While realising that war is internecine..
With both eyes open, human is blind..
A heart full of pain can\'t find anodyne..
When stopping the war is much needed but ego doesn\'t rescind..
A hill of corpses expatiates the intensity of battle..
& the elysian blue sky turns into a smoggy war zone..
The magic of that chirpy bird seems lost while a fighter jet limns its mettle...
like it is born not to pardon..
The war enervates humanity in the name of courage..
Nothing is achievable with a false appearance..
Sound of dirge reminds the widows mourning& outrage..
because war doesn\'t give a winner when we look back the consequence..
The human beings fail to negotiate, being inconsiderate..
The War draws libertine even if it is termed as good...
World is full of people that are obdurate..
Unless we spread universal brotherhood..

25 08 17 - 10:59:30


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Warfare & consequences : Recent Comments

- moonrocks

in every war, there will always be people left to suffer the consequences, it is a very nice writing :) as long as i have my dictionary with me, it is all good

14 09 18-05:39:25

+ MortalMan

of course Elysian sky exists as long as people live together in peace but war makes it ephemeral @lostmoon.

26 08 17-14:35:53

- lostmoon

Am literally lost in the first 2 stanzas...elsyian skies do xist or not????

26 08 17-13:20:52

- Crepe

Woah! My braincells got twisted like 10 folds. I like this part \"A hill of corpses expatiates the intensity of battle..\" and this part \"The War draws libertine even if it is termed as good...
World is full of people that are obdurate.\" Keep writing. I\'m reading.

26 08 17-05:51:46


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