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Unintentional sinner by: ForestDweller

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When i ride my horse of thoughts..
It breaks away as if it is granted exemption..
Though i pull the reins,it never halts..
Running down the path of rueful memories, it seeks redemption..
It seems oddly distrait..
because of its memories of yesteryear..
It prays god to exculpate..
from a charge that is severe..
If not fulfilling someone\'s wish is a wrong doing..
I am a sinner..
In the matter of love, i was a fledgling..
But she was a connoisseur..
She tried to express her love without saying a word..
as she would put love letters in my school bag daily..
But it was abstruse for this lad..
I thought she was helping me increase my vocabulary..
If breaking someone\'s heart in such an unfortunate way is bad..
then god can\'t be a forgiver..
Now I\'m being matured, see it as accidental & sad..
Should i be called an unintentional sinner?

29 08 17 - 11:05:46


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Unintentional sinner : Recent Comments

- ForestDweller

@melon, but I wish these self made stories would happen.I\'m not that stolid to be honest lol :o

29 08 17-15:49:18

- Crepe

Yeah, you should be in jail for breaking the poor girl\'s heart. Kidding aside, in my perspective, you ain\'t commit mistake on this love story via poetry. Well,atleast, you acknowledge her and acknowlegde yourself for being so

29 08 17-12:55:46


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