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Should i thank you or not. by: SilenT_TearS

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Should I Thank u for those sweet memories or
Should I thank u for those lovable moments
Being with u was my best moment , we had short span but it was qualitative one .
I can never forget those eyes nor can I forget your voice .
Coming out of office and waiting for ua cab or coming to guest room for our talks .
All r dere in my memory . From first day till our last day .
We were the best ones we still are and we will be the best of best . I dnt know what our next lives will be yet I pray dat watever form of life we will have ,wish to have u as my partner . I know is far from me now but trust me u will always be close to my heart :) like a fish needs water , I need u :) i know wherever ua u must be doing good cuz no day passes without remembring and praying for u . I loved u ,I still do and will do it in future too my sUNShiNe . If meeting u was a mistake I would love to repeat such mistake again and again :)

21 09 17 - 09:37:27


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Should i thank you or not. : Recent Comments

- SilenT_TearS

She made dose moments . Ya my share contributes but I remember cuz of her dose old memoriess

01 10 17-07:48:45

- lostmoon

I cannot understand this...those moments were beautiful just because of \'her\' 2 made the memories..ur share also counts both in mistakes and in pleasure

30 09 17-18:43:03


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