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We like observing others. Well, you can’t sit in a corner and stare blankly at people’s faces, doing nothing, for the sake of observing them! You’ve got work to do too! But in between daily curriculum and the same boring routine (I’m a student, everyday is pretty much the same, weekends included) you make mental notes about the people you meet. While you mentally jot down a few lines about a person you’ve just met, you end up adding some new facts to the respective profiles of the people you’ve spend more time with. It’s actually a very interesting thing to do when –
1. You don’t think it’s necessary to talk to a person to know them.
2. You like talking to yourself a lot.
Basically, observing people is considered to be an introverted thing to do, introverts don’t socialize much so they are better in observing others. Well, that’s not completely true right? Everyone makes mental notes about others, it’s an involuntary action. You can’t control your brain and when it comes to judging other fellow humans our brain gets brutally reckless. It’s true that not everyone likes to analyse the notes they’ve made and seek to reveal deeper secrets by operating logic, asking random question to get to a conclusion but you just can’t help calling a jerk stupid and a guy wearing an extra tight t-shirt to show his biceps show off . (even if you can, you’re brain can’t).
Your observations are not always genuine! Your brain, even though being the smartest of all your organs gets blinded by petty things. For example, when you get a glimpse of your crush , you don’t make mental notes about how clumsy she is or how funny she
looks when she tries to act cool.(I’m a guy so it’ll be she) Your brain ignores these things and focuses primarily on the illusionary facts about her being prettier than the most colourful of flowers and her being the reason for your existence. (You see, even the smartest of the lot falls for stupid things. Poor brain doesn’t even have a heart to give yet it gets lured and makes biased judgements.)

28 09 17 - 02:06:12


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- Bushra

There is a lot to say on such topics of deep thoughts but I guess Robert Feldman has presented a bigger picture of the mind in `Understanding Psychology`, Just because the mind\'s approach to collect notes is not logical or radical/or I should say empirical, doesnot mean the smartest part of our body has gone blind. An introvert has these notes much stronger than the extrovert. But I agree on the point that we apparently go for the prominent things, We are deceived by the apparent beauty of a person, (doesnt matter if we are the introvert or not), But what makes more sense and put the mind to the real test is when experience steps in and we get the unlikely of jolts next soon. :)

30 09 17-11:25:30


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