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The following is something I wrote today, after an `encounter` with a doctor, after a long time. You donot have to judge the blog by its title, Or do you!!
(f1)A doctor is whom I hate!
by Bushra
‘Yes.. (which sounded like NEXT!) Come in!`
Me and Sania entered the room, or the ward, or the cabin….. whatever you call it.
`Sit down please`.. as he said that without looking at us, he was not even looking at us, He was turned away busy in his laptop.
`So.. what`s the patient suffering from?`, he asked
`What patient?` I inquired..
`Damn! he is talking about you, where is your mind`- Sania taunted me as she whispered.
`Oh ok. Yeah! Mister Doctor, so………..` (after a deep pause)… I contined, `Sania thinks I am sick and that I am getting weaker day by day. Says, I am going to die slow death. And that has made me sick. She even turned my family against me.. they are all over me now`.
He was still unmoved like a statue,.`And who are you?`.
Me: `I am Bushra..`
Doc: `So Sania is the patient or Bushra?`
`La hawl wala Quwwata.. (or God damn it), When your head is the other way around, how can you do us a treatment even, or find who the patient is??`
He turned swiftly, `Now, what are you suffering from?`
Me: `I don`t know, but I just came here, May be you should find out, you are the doctor.`
He looked at Sania, with a fake smile.
Sania: `Don`t look at me, Nobody speaks before her`, as she passed the same smile too.
He: `Alright, let me do some checkup.`, as he said that, he asked me to mount a stool near him. I followed that.
Then he asked, `What`s your name?`
I looked at Sania with a `heh!`, `I already told you, I am Bushra, She is Sania.`
He: `Yes, I knew that, but that`s how the checkup goes. Tell us, how old are you, and are you schooled or not?`
Me: `I am 25, yes, I have done several things. And now I am on a job.`
He: `Aha! What are those things, and what job?`, he was acting smart.
Me: `Do I have to leave that job to feel fine?`, I asked kinda suspected.
He: `No! No! I didn`t mean that. But that might be a stressful job`.
Me: `No, that isn`t. I teach for about 5 or 6 hours a day, someday it`s off. Sometime I teach even 3 hours.`
He: He stood up in `honor` and sat down again, `Wow a teacher. Very well, what subjects do you teach? And what do you do in your personal life?`
Me: `does that help me with my physical illness?`, I got a head ache
He: `What do you mean?`
Me: `I mean to say, you should be asking questions like, `Do you feel any pain in your bones or not? Do you feel hungry all day even after eating? Do you get tired quickly? And most importantly DO YOU GET ANGRY QUICKLY OR NOT?``
He: `So you got angry?`
I turned towards Sania, `Sania who is he? Does he look like a doctor?` then I turned back, `You are wasting a lot of time that you should`t be. Because there are a lot of people behind that wall, who are waiting for you to see them. And yet, you are asking all the wrong questions. I am not here for a job interview. Ask something about my physique and the work concerning it.`
Sania: `Bushraaaa!! Calm down!`, she whispered again. Then to the doctor, `I am sorry. It had been a busy and tiresome day. She is clearly off.`
Doctor was still calm like a sea, `Ah, I can deal with it. It`s fine. So,…….. Hold on….` (after a minute pause) `Let me check your blood pressure. Please roll up..`
I did as directed, and he noted the BP. Sania asked something about the Blood Pressure and other things from the doctor, which I wasn`t clearly paying attention too. I was lost in some thoughts may be. I was travelling the universe of thoughts that moment.
The doctor brought me back to that small room again, as he asked, `It looks like Bushra hates doctors.`
Me: `Yes, cause I`ve always faced one like you.`
Sania couldn`t say anything, I knew from the look upon her face or their faces that it was not a nice word to say.
Doc: `Is there something wrong with me? We can swap with a female doctor if that`s OK.`
Me: `No, I think it`s OK. But do not waste time. Please see my eyes if they are grey or red or what ever.. May be that help you. It could be dengue or malaria, or even jaundice.`
The doctor didn`t want any trouble, so he nodded, `Yes! Yes! Good call.. ` He checked my eyes one by one with a flash light. Overall he looked like a gentleman. But he was acting too smart as ever the case with them. And was asking too many questions.
Then he checked the inhalation, exhalation (what ever it is.), He even had a long tool and he taped my bones of hand and feet with it. That made some sense to me, that he was doing some `ilaaj moaalja` (CURE CHECKUP).
Sania, just to keep things cool cleared her throat, said, `She is a writer as well…` but as she got that smiley gaze (a gaze filled with poison), she said `she thinks a lot, and gets tired… so may be it`s just the weakness`(her voice kept going down to mute.)
Doc: `that`s good. I have written these medics on the paper. Please buy these medicines. And pay the doctor`s checkup bill as well.`
I looked at the bill, didn`t paid attention to the dose overall, `I won`t pay it more than the medics, you wrote 500 Rupees. I will pay you only 25 Rupees.`
Doc: `Excuse me??` he jumped in his chair.
Me: `yes, you heard me`, I looked at Sania for a second.
Doc: `that`s my fee. I even take 1500 for such a patient, but you…. `
Me: `But me what?... is a teacher? Or is beautiful?`
He looked at Sania as if he couldn`t believe upon his ears what he heard. Sania said: `Doc, you got in trouble. This is it. She did you with that one. When she says it, she does it.`
Me: `Yes, because that`s what is due. You didn`t buy anything. If I had those `tools`, I could have done the same. We all know these medicines the `B12` antibiotics and all the stuff `that I don`t take`. Every body knows it.`
Doc: `Come on Bushra ji, you can afford it.`
Me: `No, I can`t. I can`t afford something else too. See me as a traveler, not a teacher. I am not a teacher in this room of you. What about the big lane of people outside your cabin? I have seen men and women, that can`t even stand or sit properly in the row, and that for hours. They are weak and poor, suffering from hot outside, while you have an AC turned on. You are a new alumnus from some college, a new generation. Is this what is all about?`
His head fell, (may be in shame) and he did not say anything. Only kept looking at us. There was a long pause of silence.
Doc: `I won`t charge you anything. I can even pay for the medicine.`, he looked up, as I stood up, followed by Sania.
Me: `Can you not charge the rest of the people? Those who need it? Because that`s what I can`t afford. I can pay a thousand times that money. But it`s not about the money for me.`
Doc: `Indeed she is a teacher`, he looked at Sania, but this time with a true smile, as we left, paying only 25 Rupees at the counter.
by Bushra
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29 09 17 - 10:12:49


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A doctor is whom I hate..... | Bushra : Recent Comments

- kelly

I love it, very well done. Think i will read it a few more times

22 02 21-22:27:07

- devil409

This kind of doctors u can find only in Pakistan ..worst country in each and every aspect

06 12 20-17:36:16

- creed

Excellent blog, wonderful story writing capability. This blog also exposes the fake nobility that is associated with certain professions even when those have become a money grubbing business.

06 10 17-12:15:20


in my life me faced too thesa kind situation that even another doctor is reccommened his consult to better treatments and this doctor have no time to check my hand i have tennis elbow pain my right hand he is not asking much quastion and he dont want xray scanning or any test he confirmed its not tennies elbow he said that its bone marrow and u need to take one injection on ur knee and after that u have still pain then we can ttake joint replacement surgery on my knee with 5minuts he decided it and now asking when ur admitting here for that inection its cost is more 8k its 3years ago am not talked any thing just okay sir i will be next day with my brother then decide it but i never return back to that hospital and that doctor is senior ortho surgen in keralas leading hospital and he have german certificate in doctors degree but now my hand now okay some time i have pain thats because of my heavy work other wise i have no bplam if i operated my hand then i cant do these kind of hard work

29 09 17-23:38:00

- Para_

Haha a very good blog and you surely taught a lesson to that doc. Adding to that, even I think healthcare should be free or at least affordable by majority. Lots of things to say about the blog but I think you covered everything with the incident and have left nothing more to say. Thanks & keep writing. :)

29 09 17-22:46:39

- QueenOfHisheart

Doctors are maniac lol. I also hate them.

29 09 17-22:43:43


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