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A man and his sleep by: MortalMan

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Once upon a time there was a king called X. He was well-known for his strong concerns for the welfare of public.As a result, his country emerged as prosperous and safe. However he was still not satisfied and was in doubt if the territories are actually hundred percent safe or not. So the king X along with his prime minister Y withdrew the use of their usual fancy dressing,applied fake beard and decided to spy on the criminals of respective places while traveling across the country in the night time.They were on their way when they came across an unexpected scene where a man was seen sleeping outside his cottage and the doors of it were open!.For thieves, it was easy to get to his cottage for fulfilling their purpose.Such a scene was hardly avoidable for a king like X,thus he could not stop himself from breaking the sleep of that man so as to inquire about his carelessness.
- Who are you ? why did you break my sleep? The man reacted with a feeling of wonder.
- Aren\'t you afraid of thieves? i came here to alert you. King replied.
- Why should i be afraid when i don\'t have anything in my cottage except my axe, some clothes to wear and two flat breads?You both seem hungry, let me bring you that leftover flat breads. Said the man
-No no, it\'s okay.So, is wood cutting your \'bread and butter\'?How much do you earn in a day?
-Yes.I earn 20-25 rupees a day.
-How can you manage everything with such a low income? I work at king\'s court and i will help you get a job there so that you will earn enough money.
-Who is a king and what i am supposed to do at King\'s Court?
-Don\'t you know king?Can\'t you recognize me? While asking these questions with a great surprise, King removed the fake beard in a hope that the man would recognize him.
-Oh i see. So a king is someone that has a removable Beard and he rambles from place to place,spending sleepless nights.The man replied as if he knew what a king is all about.
-Now the king was speechless.He and the prime minister Y looked at each others face with their eyebrows raised.
-\"Will the job that you offer ever fulfill the type of need i\'ve?I love my life and i love my sleep.Thank you for your sympathy\". Good night!\" the insouciant man,while saying all these, got back to his deep sleep in a few seconds.
This small incident brought a change in the mind of king X.He realized that happiness is not all about leading a fancy life,it\'s all about leading a happy life that results the tight sleep of an individual at the end of the day.

19 10 17 - 08:36:10


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A man and his sleep : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

Wow .... Great story ... Great message great words and great advice

13 11 17-10:41:11

- creed

Being happy id a state of mind. Anybody can be happy. Even a person inflicted with worst disease can be happy. Equating it with wealth is wrong. But can such people give happiness to others? In this world, it is not just your own happiness that matters, but also of those who are dependent upon you. Such an example cannot be applied to everyone.

26 10 17-18:45:42

+ MortalMan

Thank you very mucg @ Beyond Infinity and Bahnisikha.

20 10 17-15:36:35

- beYonD_iNfiniTy

what a meaningful blog (: the key to happiness is being contented in what we have. Life is better if we are satisfied and no Money or fabulousness cant take that!

20 10 17-14:58:46

- Mirage

Very nice story about the simple realization of life..
Human lost their peaceful sleep as they started their journey of human civilization..
Because the human civilization is basically about the process that how much comfortable and fancy human can make their life to live after all....

19 10 17-21:35:25


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