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In case Beyond_Infinity changes her username, her permanent profile link is this.
She is from Phillipines, and thus there is trait in her which is common in among most of the filipino chicks here. She is quite a happy go lucky person and she is sweet. Her sweetness is kinda special because she is not overly sweet, but rather a refreshing sweet, thus a rarity!
One would find her to be a no-nonsense individual, which explains her dislike for online perverts.
She has stated that her name is May, unlike that dry summer month, she is not a parched soul, but rather full of vigour. Her music is her dope, if you are lucky you might get hold of her playlist.
If you are one of those people out there that wish to have a refreshing and meaningful talk with a girl having big round eyes then May is a good prospect. Her time here is however quite limited, so if you are online and lucky to find her online too, then simply approach her in the best of ways. You will be amazed about how good she can be to you.
Before you approach her, make sure to have your playlist sorted and her profile checked.

22 10 17 - 04:28:08


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Profile in spotlight - Beyond_Infinity : Recent Comments

- Nyx__

She is indeed the lovely person here ! Glad to have her as my friend here. She is cute, smart and VERY kind. (bullet5) MAY(bulet5) you Simply Rock Dear ! (urock)

03 06 18-22:54:41

- crazytipz01

She\'s beyond description.. Unpredictable.. And so unique to talk with..a wonderful friend to keep indeed!(love)

25 10 17-00:14:00

- Calypso

Thanks, i guess.

23 10 17-12:43:33

- beYonD_iNfiniTy

OMG. I didnt expect this from you Sir. My goodness, lmao. I dont know what to say. We rarely talk but it seems like you know me more than i know myself. (wth2) this blog is super duper much appreciated. Thank you soo much. So of u want to ask what im listening to just beep me in pm, ok! (Hug)

22 10 17-21:48:49

- Helohelo

Woohoo!!! She is like sunshine! Thanks Creed for highlighting her profile here!(gthink)

22 10 17-20:40:59

- ForestDweller

Well, May is one of my friends. Yes she\'s.I really loved phillipines because i found them cool, friendly and intelligent.

22 10 17-17:33:12

- Tazzy_The_Devil

Haha I agree May is a lovely person to chat with and this devil is lucky that she considers me as a friend (up)

22 10 17-17:05:29


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