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Once a gentleman reached to the cottage of a saint to state the problem regarding his life.The married life of that gentleman was nearly devastated in the wake of day-to-day arguments over trivial things. He did all he could to make the saint believe that he was innocent.After listening to the whole matter,the saint said \"It is easy to solve your problem. Though you both argue with each other on a daily basis,i feel that you still have feelings for her.If you bend over backwards to make your wife feel welcome again then problem will be solved.\"
-\"It is impossible because she doesn\'t try to understand me\" said the man
-Now the saint smiled and started to tell an anecdote about a presumptuous king. And the anecdote goes like this- \"Once upon a time there was a king who was aggressively self-assured in nature and he stuck to his principle that he was always right!One day he decided to go to a land which was rich in gold and various expensive things.There were two roads to that place.According to the range of vision of his eyes,the first one looked like a straight road and the second one looked like a curvy road.A faulty idea went through his mind and he made a notion that the curvy looking road must be long and it would not take him to the destination in a few days and that straight looking road must be short.Avoiding the experienced people\'s advice,he chose the straight looking path.He spent years but couldn\'t reach to his destination.He had to finally give up and return back to his kingdom. Later he got to know that if he had taken the curvy looking path, it could have been easier for him to reach the destination.\"
After telling this short story,the saint continued \"if the couple can\'t come out of their officiousness and are aggressively self-assured in nature then it will only boost their ego.The ego will make them snap their fingers at each other.Thus the idea of a good relationship will sink like a stone. So rise to the occasion! take a deep breath and remember the time when you were head over heels in love with your wife.Either of you should give in,otherwise it will be considered an attempt of your to make her pay attention to you and vice versa.In conclusion, how you understand life matters the most, not how you make people understand life.I assure you that the mentality of your wife will be changed if you make an effort to change yourself by being soft on her\". Finally the saint wished the man good luck and the man expressed his gratitude in return.

01 11 17 - 08:20:00


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- MuzdalifaH

Interesting blog ... Very nice ... Couples you must read it :p

28 12 17-19:23:43

- Mirage

Very true.... Ego not only can destroy our relationship but also our image, our reputation, our opportunity to achieve success, our whole life could get destroyed by it...
And specially a relationship depends on some important things.. And understanding, adjustment, acceptability and selflessness are included among those things....

01 11 17-22:36:25


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