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The Dream.... by: Bushra

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(f1)The Dream
I had a dream last night; Friday Night, November 3, 2017. It was one of the most powerful of dreams I had in the past few years. Dreams that I seldom had that would affect my life in the future, or atleast my attitude and perception of seeing and judging things. I had a deep thought about it the night it occurred.
The dream goes something (and EXACTLY) like this:
I came back from somewhere (I guess work) back to the hotel, It was a hotel in another country, of which I donot exactly knew at the moment but it was clearly not an Asian country. I was rushing and hustling for a Cricket match, a tough, final and a big match of Pakistan. I was trying my best to get to an elevator to get to my room, even though the elevator too had a TV.
But before that, I wanted to attend the hotel washroom. After a while, I left the elevator and went to a nearby bathroom. It was at that moment that I saw on the floor, three flags. Those flags were Pakistani flags and were all in mud and dirty water. Those flags were of silk cloth and not paper and there were marks of steps of boots on them, clearly indicated that they were insulted and demeaned. I felt like I would cry instantly when I saw all this. I stood there for a while in silence.
I gathered courage and picked all the three flags one after the other. They all had a small stick(a pole) attached to one end. I came out, of the building of the hotel and found a water tap with the very boundary wall of the hotel. There I saw a fence on the wall, I could see on the other side. There were school kids passing by, as I washed these flags with water and dried them with my scarf drap.
I looked at them at they approached me. I would give them the flags one by one, and they screamed, “Yayyy.. Pakistaaaaan”. They took it happily and ran on the footpath. I kept looking at them, till they faded.
But what really touched me was another thing.
Just when they left, I remembered that there was another flag too which I didn`t pick up, (intentionally or not), but that was the flag of India. I hurried back for the same washroom before it was occupied. I got there and saw an Indian flag with the same mud and dirty water all over it, with the same foot steps markings. This one had no pole attached to it. I donot know why, but I did not hesitate to pick it up. I left the building again, and went out for the same water tap again. And washed the flag.
I thought, there are way more people, same like me; people who have emotions and sentiments attached to the flag, with its true color, and would hurt if they had been through all this. Before I could do more about it, I woke up from my dream.
After the dream, I was upset for a long time, an hour may be. But it really touched me. I thought I was a nice person. I thought I was changing, a change in the right direction. I did a virtue, I thought. My mind was thinking about all these things, which would leave a chronic effect on my life and the way I see life, that I heard the voice of Azaan, the call to prayer. I turned on my phone. It was 5:22 am in the morning. I prayed, and then prayed to Allah to make me a good person. And then again I fell to the thoughts earlier I had.
by Bushra

03 11 17 - 04:12:50


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The Dream.... : Recent Comments

+ N-yctO_-Phili-A

Nice to know that You Atleast Respect some Colors, Symbols and Flags.
After Reading all such things there\'s only one conclusion. Nothing exists in this World. Everything is just a MYTH. (up) Now It\'s Upto the people reading this comment how they take these lines. (zhappy)

06 11 17-19:49:04

- Kashif_

Dont Know Perfect connotation and denotation:p,,,but its True that Kindness is a mark of faith,,and whoever is not kind has no faith:),,

04 11 17-12:13:14

- Mirage

What you did in your dream, if everyone all over the world would have been started to do the same with all their countrys flags, then the world would have been something else, far more better place than now it is... A very nice and inspiring vision indeed....

03 11 17-17:07:37


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