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i am SORRY by: SaFirA

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(blossom)SORRY(blossom)... to those who i ever hurted by words or action
through inbox o chat message
through posting, poll o blog
it was my huge fault and childish action
(ppgobey) please forgive me... if possible
be happy wherever you are... whatever you do
enjoy your time...
enjoy your stay...
i wont bother you anymore
cause i have a lot of better things to do
than just stay around to bug you
sorry if i hardly reading your message o post lately...
sorry if i rarely respond o give reply to it...
i have a lot of things to enjoy
from my work to golf
from my friends to family
i dont have much time to spend here for you
i will miss your sweet words taunting and bugging me for sure
cause i never met someone like you for real
who love to tease and curse me like you do...
im gettin older now...
i learnt a lot from you
(thankieu)... for helping me grow
and teaching me life lessons...
through your words and actions
cause without you...
i wont Grow-Well like now
and enjoying my life more than before
(blossom) with lots of (love2), SaFirA(blossom)

12 12 17 - 08:42:56


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i am SORRY : Recent Comments

- Ali_

I am too dear di you are so sweet I am not angry if you hurt from me so please you forgive me.

24 10 18-01:35:35

- YePPeuN-YeoJa

Apa maksudnya ini ka fira, kalo ka fira sekarang mu pergi aq bakalan sedih, tp kalo itu yg membuat ka fira seneng di luaran sana gapapa, aq bakalan kangen ka fira, tp kalo bisa sih jgn pergi, (dontgo)

12 12 17-12:04:59

- kanzulr

Hmmmm....we are sorry too...

12 12 17-11:56:32

- Helohelo

Somehow it sounds sad to me. You always seem to know what you want. Go for it. But do check in once in a while.

12 12 17-11:50:33

- purlin

Safii r u leaving...dnt go plzzz (huggling)

12 12 17-10:40:10


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