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Why I shopped that in my cart? by: ViHaN

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I carry bruises on my heart
Like I shopped in my cart
Away those lights I can see
More I chase more I weep
I left myself alone
Do you think I am known
I try in a bit
I am vanished in a click
Face in that sky
Like a diamond in my eye
Much I close those lids
More I cry like a kid
Alone I fight
Cause no one at my side
Is it alright
This life jar is so tight
But why bruises on my heart
Why I shopped that in my cart .
Writing after a long time. Pardon me if any mistakes.. Thank you for reading everyone. (smile)

14 12 17 - 06:08:38


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Why I shopped that in my cart? : Recent Comments

- Resilient

Much better than an empty cart. Overcome it and hope those bruises makes you stronger.

27 01 18-11:17:59

- Crepe

This is actually nice. It keeps me thinking what those red words trying to emphasize.

28 12 17-15:34:21

- Fr4gr4nc3

Beautifully written Vihan...... Ur cart carried lots of emotions......

15 12 17-12:01:38


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