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Tears... by: lostmoon

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I hate the way these drops tumble down
It comes down as crazy as a prisoner out of cell
It slides..rolls and atlast when it reaches
Near my lips...
And thinks in its my mind or brain that it can escape
I gulp it..
Compassion, empathy, saddness, happiness, manipulation, love....whatever
Its salty.
I tried both left and right
Not bitter not sour not at all sweet..just salt.
And they act so macabre
Think they can make a tearfall
Make me drown inside
Or drought my heart...
You have two choices my dear
Either freeze inside my eyes
Dry against my cheeks
Its your choice...I dont give a hoot.

13 01 18 - 11:30:19


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Tears... : Recent Comments

- DiAnAmO_-

never let that drops escape from ur lips :p
its full of calcium lols
ur writtin queeny
keep it up
only few hve skill to do so

29 01 18-20:05:26

- ArYaNO_

A tiny drop expressed in an ocean of feeling. Great one sam ;) Keep writing

22 01 18-22:04:51

- lostmoon

I too melon...thanks for the luv..

22 01 18-17:42:48

- Crepe

I just don\'t know. I just fell inlove with you, Moon. (shyin-away)

22 01 18-09:13:08

- lostmoon

Thank u @ emic,cold,silent tears,bahnishika,melody..

14 01 18-18:01:46

- SeR3NdiPiTy

You portrayed everything so well
Love all your blogs :)

14 01 18-16:55:28

- Mirage

Tears.. Have in the eyes.. But can\'t poured the thirst of empty desires of the thirsty soul by it..
You have drawn a beautiful picture with the words.. Keep it up!

13 01 18-18:39:34

- cold16

Whoa! Really terrific. I mean the way you have personified the whole thing. Its tremenduous.
Its really something very innovative n appreciable. Hats off!

13 01 18-15:11:11

- far-away

may be the sky was crying too that time wen u stood @lostmoon

13 01 18-11:48:34

- lostmoon

I hav tried standing in rain..but the saltiness never goes..@faraway

13 01 18-11:45:02

- far-away

there is another choice dear poet... one can stand in the rain and let the salty drops washed out all the way down to their origin with flow of rain.... of course if there is any rain at all in our beloved home in near future ..... beautiful poem,... expressed like a falling star in dark sky... hats off

13 01 18-11:37:06


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