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Senescence by: lostmoon

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Why do you stand so erect?
Excuse me,you are making me feel sheepish
I did cut u twice
But you grow like a phoenix
And stand so erect
People not kill it
7 others will come for the funeral..
I cant bear the numbers
I feel terrible when I see it
Tweezers, pluckers,staining, hiding,curling
No escape..It pounces out
Am I becoming sophisticated?
Or am I stressing out?
It just happens..part of your life ,they say
A silver lining on your dark cloud
Well Why is everyone looking on dat?
After consciously thinking for hours
I decided
I ll not dye
I ll embrace it

22 01 18 - 08:45:27


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Senescence : Recent Comments

- yogaholic

By just cutting such moments in life may help u to avoid it temporarily... but the same will approach u soon and this process will go on. Then why u hinder the natural changes ??? just live in that moments and find new horizons in it with new roles and responsibilities

26 02 18-00:15:04

- lostmoon

I never thot my humble attempt to make a poem funny will get this much meanings..

28 01 18-05:02:52

- far-away

nicely composed expression ... peaks are achieved to slip down anyway

28 01 18-00:58:11

- far-away

Its natural law, whatever we are gonna suppress, it will grow in geometric progression to earlier. History repeats and repeats in a larger perspective. The historical and scientific truth is reflected in the poem, at a time, the word truth has become easy manipulable... and here is he greater significance of the poem.

26 01 18-22:57:11

- mrcool

It must be like Indira Gandhi .....yaah embrace it with time it will become ur identity and it will suits u

24 01 18-19:11:52

- lostmoon

Thank you@strange melody..Happy to hear that

24 01 18-17:53:25

- Que_Sera_Sera

A beautiful writing always from you ... I like the last 3 line you wrote :
I decided
I ll not dye
I ll embrace it

24 01 18-08:52:42

- ForestDweller

Oh that\'s a clever writing. So the silver lining here is the white hair that you finally decided to leave it the way it\'s. Yes you\'ve given justice to your mind because you\'re no more stressed. The more we get stressed,the more likely we get white hairs.You didn\'t let your mind trick you again.

23 01 18-20:14:47

- lostmoon

@Emic..Thanks for the comment Emic.Its nothing other than a white hair which grows exactly near my forehead.I got it recently and am cutting it short whenever it grows.But it grows fast and attracts everyones attention..I hav observed ppl talking with me gazing on that one strand of this silver one.Yes am getting aged.My mom used to tell u shud not pluck white hairs as it makes 7 other black to white (myth or watever) and the last lines..ofcourse I dont wanna give up ( dye-die)rather I ll embrace life...wanted to giv it some amount of wit n far i hav done justice....??

23 01 18-19:03:13

- ForestDweller

This seems a biological process like growing hair. We cut it,whenever it grows like a\'s uncountable as we can\'t bear the numbers..etc,and your other lines are also true regarding hairs.But it has a different hidden meaning too. If someone reads it lightly ,he won\'t be able to find the meaning of this writing. I hope you will let me know who is the main character in this. It can be with a dual meaning, that\'s your unique writing!

23 01 18-18:01:19


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