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What Was My Fault ? -By RONIT_ by: RONIT_

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I am standing alone beside a river if she knows what was my fault (upset) I asked the birds,I asked the clouds If they can say what was my fault ? I lived with her for 2 years and grown older so she left me ? Or I loved her and given my heart to stay so she left me ? Who can tell me what was my fault I am looking for the answer from door to door like a begger if someone help me and tell me What was my fault ! Though she left me but i still love her:( I think she knows my weakness i.e she So she left me In the midst of the ocean though she knew i would be drowning but she left she heard me calling her Help! Help! but she left . I m inside the ocean passed 2 months but she never return.:( Hey friend Hey Traveller Plz tell her I love her And still waiting for her..(fedup)!!!

22 03 18 - 12:18:52


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+ stealdude

Morale of the story : do not show much emotions to any one ..because anything may happen...keep yourself alert Mr Ronit. You have not done this, and this is your FAULT

23 03 18-16:23:29


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