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The Woman by: imusika

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Hi. How are you? I hope you\'re doing well and happy :) Yes. You read it right.
By the way , if youre forgotten me ,I\'m the woman who truly loves you :)
The woman who always there for you ( maybe not always , but willing to be there for you ).
The woman who never failed to understand you no matter how hard it is.
The woman whose willing to listen even if deep inside in her mind its a lie..
The woman who keeps believing there still something good about you ..
The woman who was just so happy with just a simple text even a missed call from you..
The woman whose willing to give everything for you , do anything for you..
The woman who cried every night , just thinking of you ..
The woman who can\'t sleep without a glimpse of you ..
The woman whose willing to wait for you .. Willing to wait for you ..
But behind those everthing , I\'m also the woman you broke so many times..
Not just mentally but emotionally..
The woman you always choosed to fight on samll things instead of talking..
The woman you cheated after giving so much pain..
The woman you often ask how I was ..
The woman whom you always ignore and keep on waiting..
The woman you always made her feel , nothing ..
The woman you please to let go of your temporary love ..
The woman who just accepted all the pain because loving you is all that matters..
I just want you to know , thank you for coming to my life .. I\'ve realize how kindest woman I am.. For battling my own thoughts and fighting my inner self ..
That at the end of the day , I must really love myself even more ..
-- I just wanna let it out .. I cant even tell it to him .. hahaha

02 04 18 - 11:52:00


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- imusika

Hello , Crepe. Filipino Citizen ka ba? or you just translated it in Tagalog? Anyways , good for you and I hope it will lead you to a good and happy life :)

16 04 18-11:52:15

- Crepe

Nga pala, kung kinalimutan muna ako,ako \'yong babaeng tunay na nagmahal sa\'yo.
\'yong babaeng palaging nandyan para sa\'yo.
\'yong babaeng laging nandyan na kahit anong hirap iniintindi ka pa rin.
\'yong babaeng walang sawang nakikinig sa lahat ng mga kasinungalingan mo.
\'yong babaeng naniniwala na meron pang katiting na kabutihan dyan sa puso mo.
Oo,ako nga..
Ako nga \'yong babaeng binasag mo gamit nyang puso mong bato.
Pero salamat, kasi nang dahil sa\'yo natuto akong mahalin ang sarili ko nang buong-buo.
(Ayan! may hugot akong natutunan sa\'yo. Love ko ang blog mo imusika (kisso) )

16 04 18-08:00:07


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