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memorizzz All GOOD things for you..... by: SilenT_TearS

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I am glad to see your smile
After a few struggle in life
It\'s such a relieve to see u so happy
Looking beautiful in white
And your hair tug in so nicely with Jasmine
There that beautiful smile that I adore
That laugh and giggle which is long gone
My heart worries
But all i can give now is my prayer
That he will guard u with his life
Like I will guard u with mine
That he will fill ur life with beautiful colour and romantic songs to sing
Cuz u deserve all good things to happen for you
There is a pinch of doubt
Just happening it\'s all in my mind
Cuz I have to be sure
I need to be sure
No room for mistake
I need to be sure that you are in right hand
But I will never know
I can only promise that I know I will
Am so happy...Am so sad
Am not sure
I juz love you that\'s all......

08 04 18 - 12:58:13


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memorizzz All GOOD things for you..... : Recent Comments

- SeR3NdiPiTy

Hahaha i think i know this ..thanks for keeping it all my memories... Thank you

08 04 18-12:01:44


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