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Memorizzzz LoVee by: SilenT_TearS

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When you love somebody so deeply
You will find a way to let him go
You will find a word to forgive him
You will find an excuse to let him into your arms again
You will understand his words
His foolish actions
And even though it left you with nothing but heart break
That\'s how deep my love is to you
All i wanna see is ur smile cuz it will brighten my heart
That\'s how sincere my love is to u
Pure and nothing I want in return
Just ur happiness only ur happiness
When u love somebody so deeply
You will hide ur years only to smile
And gather all ur strength to put a smile in his face
Although his smile is for smlomebody else
When u love somebody so deeply
You will put his happiness above all sometime even deny your own feelings
Foolish as it can be
But that\'s how my deep love is to you
And no matter how hurt I\'m deep inside
I will find a way to let go
Love forgive
Love forget
Love can be just bitter not sweet
Love deny
Love rushes in
Love cuts deep
Nothing more never the less
Though it brings such constant pain
I can\'t deny
I can\'t hide
I do LoVe you
I can run
But I can\'t hide
At least my eyes won\'t lie
My eyes can\'t lie.....

08 04 18 - 02:30:17


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- Helohelo

Sometimes all such words sound funny. Sometimes all so true. Sometimes I just do not care. Sometimes it makes me not want to feel anything. But I consider myself lucky that I feel it. Nice blog

08 04 18-23:12:54


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