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The tales of Darren Smith part-1 by: MK__

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\"Put your hands where I can see them!\" said Detective Lucy, with a fierce look in her eyes. It was difficult for her to arrest Mr. Smith, a man she knew was innocent, but the evidence suggested otherwise that left her with no choice. She made the arrest and was about to escort him to the station, when two guys, tall and dark, wearing masks confronted her. Lucy was strong enough to take them down but suddenly she heard a clicking sound from the back of her head. Darren had somehow managed to unchain the cuffs and was pointing a gun at her. Lucy looked at him in disbelief as she heard a gunshot and Darren was bleeding to death! One of the henchmen shot him at close range and the duo disappeared in the shadows. Lucy held Darren\'s head on her lap and called for back up, but deep down she knew it was too late. \" I love you, always will\", she whispered in his ears as she could feel his cold hands wrapped around her shoulder. He was dying.
one day before........
\"It\'s a matter of life or death, I need you here. Please help me.\" said a voice over the phone to Darren. It was Darren\'s ex-wife Stacey, blonde women in her early 30s. Darren was rather surprised to hear from her after so long, but was concerned too. He picked up his phone and dialed,\" Hey gorgeous, don\'t wait up for me, I got somewhere to go, see you later\". It was Lucy. Darren was a private investigator and a really good one. His relationship with Lucy was rather discreet, because Lucy couldn\'t afford her colleagues to find out that she\'s dating a PI. For cops in her yard, dating a PI was a bad thing for the job. She usually worked late, given her designation, her job was quite stressful. Being a detective of the precinct, it was tough to balance her life and her relationship with Darren. \"I guess I\'ve been too rough on Darren for the past few weeks, should make it up to him tonight.\" she thought to herself. She buyed a bottle of wine on her way back home. Darren was not home, as usual. She tried his phone but it was not reachable. \"He might be onto something regarding his case, let\'s not bother him\", she switched in the television and watched some sport before falling asleep. 7AM in the morning, Lucy wakes up to the sound of childrens knocking her door. She opened the door and a kid handed her over an envelope. She opened it, inside it was a message, it said \" Save me \", written with blood stains. She rushed to the forensics, running the blood sample with the system for a possible match. It was Darren\'s blood. She called for help, deployed units around the blocks, searching for Darren. Tears ran down her eyes in the mere thought of losing him. His phone was disconnected and no possible way to track him. They ran through his phone records, Lucy was surprised to see Darren\'s ex-wife listed on it because Darren would never speak much about her. Lucy took the car out from parking and went to Stacey\'s house. Stacey had a big apartment she bought years back from the money she got from the divorce. Lucy reached to the door, she was a bit hesitant to meet the ex-wife of a guy she\'s dating. But Darren\'s life was in danger, so she had to go through all the awkwardness. The lock was broken. Someone had broke into the house. Lucy took out her gun, searching the house. Her perimeter check got interrupted when she saw bloodstains in the bedroom! Stacey was lying on the bed rather lifeless, stabbed multiple times. Lucy was horrified, but held her calm. She called for the units and went to the backyard. As she went out through the door, she dashed into a tall man. The man looked ruggedly handsome. Ofcourse he would be, it was Darren. Lucy got chills down her spine when she SWA him holding the Swiss knife. The knife she gifted him when they started to date. \" I can explain this\" said Darren, nervously. Lucy paid no attention. \"Turn around\" she screamed. \"Puts your hands where I can see them\".
to be continued........
Hope u enjoyed reading the part 1 if my mini blog series! Part 2 will be out soon!!

14 04 18 - 03:47:48


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The tales of Darren Smith part-1 : Recent Comments

- simplechick

I want a love/horror and a morbid one.. :p nicely written tho.. :)

17 04 18-00:16:50

- MaNsii

NICE STORY N INTERSTING TOO (goodluck) .. keep it up .. waiting for next part (gwaiting)

15 04 18-17:16:07

- Sienna

Gud episode ... waiting fo coming more! i cn literally visualize wt u hv written :-)

15 04 18-07:37:45

- beYonD_iNfiniTy

Nicely written! Thumbs up to this.. update me as soon as u the 2nd part is released..

14 04 18-18:22:48

- Mirage

Wowwww!!! A suspense mystery blog!!!! For the first time in RC history.. Post the conclusive part quickly... Could not wait much! :p

14 04 18-12:23:47


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