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You left me... by: MortalMan

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Leaves fall off a tree
as if there\'s an autumnal strife.
You left me,
Like i was no one in your life.
With leaves attached to stem,
The beauty of a tree is sublime.
Without you,my life is tame.
You left me before i could ask\"what is my crime?\"
A tree waits for rain,
to get back its fame.
But i hide my pain
with a smile that is unreal and lame.
We built the house of trust,
Laying bricks for years.
But now you are lost,
making my soul burst into tears.
I being hopeful,
wait for you to arrive.
But i don\'t know if i will be successful.
Because you left me like i was no one in your life.

19 04 18 - 11:29:05


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You left me... : Recent Comments

+ MortalMan

Thank you for appreciating (: glad you liked it @Anabiya

23 07 19-22:16:25

+ MortalMan

Thank you @rocky @lostmoon, I am still inexperienced enough to know how a soul cries.

27 04 18-13:02:22

- lostmoon

soul crying????nice wordings.just sublime .Well written verses

27 04 18-06:32:41

+ MortalMan

Thanks @mirage and Kelly. Fortunately i have no such experience in life.I t is just an attempt to put myself in place of such sad people to find a reason for their sadness .But i found it as a reason that i don\'t actually consider a reason to get hurt in life. It\'s indeed a very insignificant thing! I get surprised when i come across a lot of people like the character of this writing.

21 04 18-13:09:10

- Mirage

Simply but Beautifully written.. But it is a part of life that we have to accept that there is no guarantee for anything to be permanent in our life... Not even our relations.. As soon as we realise this truth of life it would be better for us..

20 04 18-23:59:11

- kelly

Awwww its sad but i like it alot . Touching words

20 04 18-08:15:07


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