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Blurring lines between wap and reality! by: Nemesis

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Been waiting for this day to write a blog and chose a topic close to my heart. Having spent more than a decade chatting I felt the necessity to write on how wap and reality can converge.
Let\'s talk first about why people come to this virtual world. There are people who come to find solace from their regular life, people who don\'t have much of a social life, people who feel bored in life, people who just want to realize their fantasies. But what I see is a recurring theme is people who feel lonely or disturbed that they need to take their attention away.
What do we get here is another mixed bag. Some strangely annoying, some who you might characterize as a psycho, some sadists, some desperate to have a love life and some we call as friends. Even though people regard chat as timepass most of them end up getting emotionally connected to the place because some find people who think on same level and some who keeps them happy and vibrant. Of course there are lot of people who eventually move out or get busy in their real life and as time passes and friends move away chat might loose it\'s charm. But the belief that some new people might come in any time is something that holds me to this place.
Knowingly or unknowingly we get attached to people who we might not meet in real but still share an emotional connect with. Chat breakups and fights are also a common theme. Which is why I believe more than everything chat friends are friends that stick for long. Friends who you can share any random things with. Friends who listen and who might have a great advice for you. Friends who you can anonymously chat to with real life problem but with real life friends you may fear talking to. The names might not be real but at the end of the day they might help you crossing the finish line. What is in a name after all? 
So treat your chat friends with respect as you would to a real friend. Help them out when they are in distress and enjoy their company when u need the most because chat friends can be more or same as real friends :)
Please comment your thoughts and if people like it then I will write on other topics :)

29 04 18 - 04:11:28


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Blurring lines between wap and reality! : Recent Comments

- a_jha

Sorry ...for
Now I can\'t change it ...(smile)

12 04 21-08:52:25

- Bimbim

Whenever I feel frustrated I login but I see more frustrated people than me then I lg out hahaha

17 05 18-10:55:23

- Nemesis

Thanks Mansii next one coming soon :) @Creep woah thanks for reading my blog loud haha. @far-away thank you for your valuable thoughts :)

05 05 18-21:07:19

- far-away

I will like to see the need of chat from a different interest. and the interest is to express myself, to express unknown myself... that cant be expressed in a so called civilized *real* social perview restricted and bound by religious-economic-political vested interests of empowered part of the mankind. Now being friend or having friend is again comes with a considerable percentage of *interest* dissolved in it. One can visualize where he or she stands when a storm arrives, not when the rivers are flowing calmly ... thus I will personally agree with the abstract of this post... to be yourself and not to harm others... in anyway... which streamlines the laws of natural justices in this part of the universe too

05 05 18-10:39:09

- Crepe

I kind of read this loud while walking home. Someone actually stopped infront of me and asked what I was reading. So basically, I ended up on pointing a finger on him and said \" If you are lonely come and join this site.\" Then I got the most awesome response I ever heard in my entire life. He responded and said, \"Baliw!\",then walked away while staring at me like I had grown two heads. Real talks, it\'s still fun outside this arena but there\'s different feeling, a different kind of fun on chatting. And I think you,Neme..sis..sis..sis..(echo effect),figure it out. Bottle up!

03 05 18-05:14:51

- MaNsii

NICE blog .. nemesis . keep it up n write ur next blog soon... :)

02 05 18-13:06:59

- Nemesis

Thank you May, Charminita, Mirage and Kelly for the wonderful words. I will keep blogging away :)

30 04 18-20:26:00

- Nemesis

@Mirage @Ansh wants to know what you mean by virtual knowledge (hehehe)

30 04 18-20:24:19

- Mirage

I think this blog was not about the entire format of Internet or virtual world like virtual knowledge or virtual media etc..
Your main point was here about chat world...
So I will comment about chat world only..
Yes.. People who come here they obviously looking for something to get here.. And whatever the reason the gist of all is that people want to get some kind of relief..
Exactly like people like to watch movies or TV serials or read fictions or novels... Because of the easy availability; affordability and maintainability, nowadays people are attracted towards WAP more than any other entertainment option..
But we should never forget that this chat world is just for temporary relief..
I saw many people getting involved in this chat site such a way that proves, the real feelings and emotions has became how much valueless and cheap for people..
So... Moral of the story is, enjoy chat, don\'t harm others or don\'t get harmed by others, but the end of the day never expect anything from it and don\'t give importance it over the reality..
I know..
Those who come here to chat they mostly never take it seriously; and whoever made that mistake; they have learned their lesson too, No matter if they want to admit it or not.. (smile)

30 04 18-10:53:29

+ kelly

This is real. Yea i like it alot good gob. Very good gob. This what im thinkin. (clap)

30 04 18-00:12:59

- beYonD_iNfiniTy

(givinsmile) nice blog! You are so damn right. I left rc for like a year before but then whenever i feel like im on the peak of loneliness and thrs no one i could talk to in reality i keep coming back in here. Its more easy to be vocal here with ranfom people more than the people who surrounds me..

29 04 18-23:17:49


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