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Scent of the rain by: lostmoon

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Rain in the early hours of dawn
awakens all my five senses
And every cell of my body feel joyously alive
and tears roll down for unknown reason
Memories bind ,unite and rise with the scent of the rain
like the perennial scent of your memory
I want to walk back through the memories with you
Find the purple jealousy ones ,the red lusty ones ...the white sorrow filled ones
let them make our eyes fill with tears
and join the raindrops ,tie a love knot,ressurect and rain again together...

04 05 18 - 06:30:07


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Scent of the rain : Recent Comments

- lostmoon

@helohelo I feel am the rain and all my emotions are in parallel with rain

18 05 18-19:23:05

- Helohelo

I enjoy the rain. Sometimes it scares me. Makes me uncomfortable with goosebumps. Sometimes bring me peace. Sometimes makes me cry.

17 05 18-20:49:33

- lostmoon

@ absolutely no...they were tears of the happy moments memories.may be my words were not able to express it properly

10 05 18-22:12:29

- Nemesis

Really good one. The only memory missing are the happy ones and not all tears need to be of sorrow :) hope to read more of them

10 05 18-10:38:45

- far-away

@lostmoon, the Poet knows it happens in real life too, everyone stood before a thunderstorm and under the raining sky, knows it happens.... but scares to recognize the experience ... the hope from the side of the reader is that, the Poet recognized in her poem.

05 05 18-08:16:49

- lostmoon

thank you biker ji for your inspiring words

05 05 18-06:56:25

- lostmoon

@far away..Its the poet\'s hope that atleast she can find them united in tears as it is not possible in life.It may or may not happen.

05 05 18-06:55:34

- far-away

It was there... when drop of rain and drop of tears keeps hand in hand and flows to the earth ... there are tears... those dries up before coming down from the eyes... there are soils those never meet the raindrops... hope the author will also take them into account on another day, in another beautiful poem like this ...

04 05 18-22:27:49

- MortalMan

Really a blog that makes the past alive again. A good memory gives the best feeling in life and can make a person emotional at times. You described it so neatly.

04 05 18-22:23:07


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