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A Little Lining Of Silver by: Mirage

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Once upon a time.. There was a little town.. Full of people.. Who were busy with their own daily life, daily strugles, daily problems, daily tiny moments of happiness and little plans for their own..
Mr. A used to be so busy that he does not get time to say \'hi\' to his neighbour Mr. B..
Mrs. C often feels jealous of new dress and jewellery of Mrs. D.. Little H likes to play with little K.. And little M always fights with little N..
It was nothing but just an ordinary usual town with common people.. Like you and me... Like us..
Then suddenly one day there happened something... First there was just a few whispers in the air.. Soon it turn into rumour.. And then it was confirmed as a breaking news..
Little E was sick..
He was at the last stage of a deadly disease.. Actually he was at the doorstep of inevitable death..
And then the little kid dropped the final bomb upon the town.. He asked for a last gift of his lifetime..
He asked for a Christmas!!
First the small town got shocked to know this impossible demand.. How could even it be done!! After all it is not even December yet.. Christmas is far far away!!! It is a childish demand after all..
But then..
Suddenly little k said.. \" Can we just at least give it a try!?\"
Little M said \"Why not.. I am with you.. I will help you..\"
The father of little N had a icecream factory.. Little M used to not talk to little N.. But that day he went to her house and knocked on the door.. When little N opened the door and get shocked by seeing little M,
little M said \" Can you please help us! I need some ice.. We will make a snowman.. We are trying to gift a little Christmas to little E..\"
First little N stood still for a few moments as she can\'t believe what she just heard.. But then she finally smiled and agreed to help them..
And that\'s how it then started..
When Mrs. C saw the children trying to built a snowman and find out the reason she also just could not believe it.. But then she thought if the little children can give that much effort to make it possible then why can\'t she!
So she decided to make a Christmas cake as well..
And soon it spread among the whole town.. Everybody just started to contribute a little help of their own..
Mr. A took a day off and decorate a Christmas tree with the help of Mr. B.. They spent a whole day together after so long time..
Mrs. D first time tasted the cake made by Mrs. C and said \"I really feel jealous of your amazing ability of cooking!\"
And that way that ordinary small town, full of very common people made the most impossible thing; Possible!!!!
They create a real Christmas and gifted it to the dying little E...
And as a return gift they got the evergreen memory of the smiles of little E for the last time...
That town was so ordinary.. Those people were just like you and me.. They also have so many issues of them for daily basis just like us..
Still they have tried.. They tried to be united to just bring little smile on a little kid\'s face.. They all tried very little as per their limit.. But together they were able to make the most impossible thing.. Possible..
I just wany to say
We are also just like them..............
*** This Story Is Inspired By A True Story ***

26 05 18 - 04:11:47


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A Little Lining Of Silver : Recent Comments

- Mirage

Thank you all buddies for your meaningful comments..
I recently got to know about this real incident over the Internet; where a community of a small town created an early Christmas far before 25th December; just to fulfil the last wish of a dying boy.. I wish there would have been more such inspirational incidents to represent the true spirit of humanity above all.. (smile)

02 06 18-18:17:31

+ ForestDweller

People got a reason to be united here.Kids see themselves as some individuals, they don\'t possess some negative qualities that adults tend to have in general. People need to learn something from kids too.

02 06 18-13:39:54

- far-away

Actually the concept of civilization is \"just like that\" ... balance of individuality and unity. The blog is written nicely and posted at such a crucial time frame, when hatred among human society is ar a everest high, and probably the mountain peak is filled up with explosives... as a reader i must thank, congratulate and demand for more and more such posts from the author...

30 05 18-19:24:49


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