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He who is perfectly imperfect.. :) by: simplechick

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He\'s brutally straight forward.
He\'s not the \"pep talk\" kind of person.
He speaks what he feels with no filter.
He fearlessly stands firm on what he thinks is right.
He\'s stubborn.
He looks too full of himself.
He\'s misunderstood most of the times.
He\'s being hated for his guts.
-Few things I supposed that other people think of him. Including me, way back.
Then I realized, being with a man whose life and principles totally different from mine, is making me see the other side of the world I never had a chance to take a glimpse of. He\'s a badass. Difficult. Yes he might be, but he has to to even if others can\'t understand and leave. He needs to be tough enough to deal with this world\'s bullshits and all for it can no longer be endured with benevolence alone especially with the kind of world we\'re up to now. And he unknowingly taught me that. He who appeared to be someone I wished to be but failed to be like. Maybe because that\'s life\'s irony. Even so, he is one of the most wonderful and honest persons I\'ve ever met. He\'s not just the things a judgemental pair of eyes can see. He is my best friend, my worst enemy, my human diary, my go-to buddy, my partner in crime, a family, and one of the persons I plan to be with while I\'m working on my dreams. He will never be a seemingly perfect guy \'cause perfection is impossible here on Earth but he is flawlessly flawed beautiful to me. And I fell for that. Skl \'cause why not?(wink) (hearts)

01 10 18 - 12:23:11


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He who is perfectly imperfect.. :) : Recent Comments

- shiloh

Perfectly Imperfect hmmm (yes04)Who is Perfect anyway,,,,(hehe)

13 04 19-06:29:53


Oh.... 2 persons in my mind for ur HE!! ..

09 10 18-23:34:31

- LaLa

Let me guess who is that perfectly imperfect guy (winky)......

03 10 18-17:11:58


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