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All Good Things For You......... by: SilenT_TearS

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I am glad to see you smile
After a few struggle in life
Its such a relief to see u so happy
Looking beautiful in white
And your hair tug in so nicely with jasmine
Theres that beautiful smile that i adore
That laugh and giggle which is long gone
My heart worries
But all i can give now is my prayers
That he will guard you with his life
Like i will guard you with mine
That he will fill your life with beautiful color and romantic songs to sing
Cuz you deserve all good things to happen for you
Theres a pinch of doubt
Juz hoping its all in my mind
Coz i have to be sure
I need to be sure
No room for mistake
I need to be sure that you are in the right hand
But i will never know
I can only promise you that i will be there always...In Good or Bad
As long as i shall live
This is a promise that i will keep
Am so happy...Am so sad
Am not sure
I juzz love you thats all....

06 12 18 - 06:40:57


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All Good Things For You......... : Recent Comments

- Nemesis

Love the expressive nature of the blog. It shows how much care you have for the person for whom you have written it for

27 01 19-05:29:09

- SilenT_TearS

Well its one of my sweet memories i have stored deep in me .. i miss her ..

17 01 19-23:52:38

- Que_Sera_Sera

Sounds familar all the words...Thanks for keeping it :)...And wishing all good things for you as well

17 01 19-09:37:20

- Nyx__

Wishing happiness for others, wow such a wonderful character, And we wish you all the happiness in your life too. :)

10 01 19-13:08:19

- SilenT_TearS

Well ya its a memory of somone who used to be a great writer once... miss dat someonee

30 12 18-17:20:53

- MuzdalifaH

Ameen for the prayer and i pray too that may you fullfill your promise Ameen surly that person is lucky to have a person like you who loves like this

29 12 18-20:05:41


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