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What else to want by: creed

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A special day approaches ... The clock is about to strike 12, but just before that .. she calls ... She calls with a joyous enthusiasm, with words of celebration, love and care. She gushes a bit then ... I can almost feel her cheeks being rosy ... Its my birthday, but the celebration is hers! She congratulates me ... A happy 32nd while wishing and praying ... My heart skips a beat ... My eyes shed a tear. This has been the 9th time that she has been the very first to wish me. What else am I to want? We talk for sometime, workout some romance and she leaves me ... In the cocoon of night ... But wait! That is not all ! She calls back again after few minutes ... I know why she did that ... To check if I am busy on phone with someone else (smile). Little does she know that this bear is all abandoned and she is the only one who religiously visits him in his zoo cage.

12 04 19 - 06:10:35


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- AmY_-

This is too deep! An awesome blog, worth reading thousand times.

26 08 20-20:41:50


wow wow this is sooo deep, touching for me, sweet nd remarkable(ghappy)

26 07 19-15:24:06

- shiloh

Wow!!!that is a deep calling unto the very deep,,(hmmm) very nicely said,, and liked (smile04)

20 04 19-01:08:09

- SupeRCo0L

Awsum.touching. and a very clear view of love bonding.The feeling and the care.
Very nice bro(up)

19 04 19-00:21:17

- afirefly

Lol cute and well written .livewire might give it 10/10

14 04 19-02:08:25

- Viviana_

So u actually knew why I called..
Me poor soul..!! Lol
OKie.. So, by now the bear must hv realize that he will be never abandoned whether he likes it or not..he is such a cute soul after all..:p:p (love) (love)

12 04 19-21:02:32


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