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Dont Be Beautiful by: shiloh

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They keep saying,,,Beautiful is something every girl needs to be,,,(hehe) Honestly I dont agree!(rose1)Forget that(rose1) Dont Be Beautiful
(kittyrose),,,(rose4all) Be Angry (hehe) Be Witty
Be Intellegent(rose1) yup Be Klutzy,,,Be Funny,,, Be Crazy,,Be Adventurous Be Talented (rose4all) There are an eternity of other things,,,(hehe) Then BEING BEAUTIFUL,,,, What is Beautiful anyway? It is only a strung of letters,,to form a word,, Be your own definition of AMAZING,,,(kittyrose) That is so much more Important than anything! DONT BE BEAUTIFUL(rose1)
(redrose)BE YOURSELF,,,!!

26 04 19 - 01:27:08


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Dont Be Beautiful : Recent Comments

- NekoSenpai

Oh I beg to differ. Be beautiful. Definitely.
Though the whole definition of beauty needs to be reconsidered.
The beauty standards and parameters need to be ditched.
You are beautiful so long you love yourself being whoever you are. Be beautiful in your skin.
Be clutzy be crazy be adventurous be anything you like. They all are beautiful.
Just don\'t measure your beauty under the glasses of others.

30 05 19-23:24:25

- creed

Be what you wanna be ...Your life belongs to you ... Not for others to judge ... But be beautiful in your mind ... Self love is one of the best kind.

28 04 19-21:41:00

+ kelly

(clap) (clap) (clap) This is what i call girl power ok shes rocking d blogs 2? Look out rc think we got a live 1 here. U go girl.

26 04 19-22:42:27


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