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Sun by: lostmoon

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It would be obscene to tell you..
Tell me what?
That I would love you to kiss your sweat Drops on the forehead
Sweat Drops?
The ones which reflect the sun\'s
It would be like kissing the sun with your fragrance
So? are you going to do that..
But that sounds unpleasant
I wud plant kisses on the ways you tread...
I would like to share your shoulders while the moon locks out it silver flames
I will get a glass of water..It\'s too hot outside
and a towel to wipe off sweat
The sun is going to set

14 05 19 - 12:08:11


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Sun : Recent Comments

- lipsy

ur poem gud dr.xpresng d feelngs well.i imagin as if m ksng ur 4head!

30 01 21-18:53:27

- lostmoon

All freedom goes to the reader..Imagine..if u want eg I\'ll PM u

15 02 20-11:26:52

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

A wonderful imagination ma\'am!! But who are these two having such conversation??:p

15 02 20-11:24:50

- far-away

We all wait for your profound works. And here one more. Thank you poet.

09 06 19-00:17:29

- lostmoon

Lolz.Am open to any constructive criticism

16 05 19-11:10:04

- creed

I am not critising your poem ji. Just protesting against the treatment of people with sweat (weeping)

15 05 19-22:11:08

- lostmoon

@rubbernose I ll add more aroma next time I cook the poem..Thanks for the comment

15 05 19-19:41:21

- lostmoon

@Creed.IT was out of motherly love Creedji.
Understand altruism.
and then that\'s why the poem ends so.

15 05 19-19:35:10

- theHealer

An exquisite kind of fragrance is felt while reading this. Beautiful. I just wanted more :D

15 05 19-17:57:16

- creed

Sweat drop fragrance? Last time I was sweating, my mom scolded me to go and bath.

15 05 19-13:54:07

- lostmoon

Heyyy...Thank you dear.Happy to know that you are reading my poem

15 05 19-08:36:14


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