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Happy and complete by: shiloh

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(elo)Just have to say,This will be the most honest thing I do (smile)I am going to tell you exactly how I feel and what I am going through,and I wish this would bring me closer to you (hearts)To be honost,you are my everything,You make me happy and complete,Although I can not look in to your eyes,I can not feel your touch,I can not hug you or feel your heartbeat (hearts)But I have 1001 reasons why I miss you,It is the way you laugh and joke around,The way you comfort me when I am broken and down,The way you chitter chatter,The way you care and never ever let me down(hearts) And most of all The way you face the distance between us with a smile(hearts)

29 05 19 - 12:16:08


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- shiloh

(yes01)so true...I do agree with yourevery word :)

23 08 19-01:18:40

- shiloh

(yes01)Defodills those words means so much more when two people are so far apart:)

21 08 19-02:38:06


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