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I LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH... by: nanadaime

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as what they said AGE DOESN\'T MATTER.
That\'s why I am trying to understand that even if she hurts me repeatedly,and fooling me, i need to understand because
he is still young.
We had also come in a time that he wants a break up and told me that he was already inclined in other woman and he love this girl a lot.But due to my blindness in love i allowed him that we were two in his life.
I don\'t want to lose hikm because i love him so much,and since then our relationship was kept in secret.
I beat everyting.
There also come a time that i cannot text or even call him,i was worried that it will be readed by his new one.
There are times that i am questioning myself,why am i so stupid allowing myself to be trapped in that set.up,still my love for him is beating me.
I also felt that he loves me too thats why i accept the situation and hugged it eventually beacause i am still hoping that he would be matured and he will chose me.

08 06 19 - 07:13:23


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I LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH... : Recent Comments

- lipsy

if d girls love true it brings him defntly.she shuld wait.

01 11 20-11:43:36

- MK__

Coming from a guy who did way more stupid things in love, try not be trapped. Putting down our self respect for someone else is a bad thing, something which should be avoided.

14 09 20-08:49:38

- DiAnAmO_-

wooo the girl is so brave n so faithful too

08 06 19-20:01:50


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