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(hi4) everyone Its me Arnikoo.. (reading)
Currently,I am Reading The Alchemist (a fable about following your dreams)
Written by: paulo coelho.
I found this book intresting.
Even i am not a good viewer or writer but i got to learn one-two point that you would love to hear..
(gift) Everything in life has its price.
(gift) When You want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to acchive it you.
I don\\\'t know wheater is true or not
(yes) or (no) but i do believe that.
But I do know that I found this book is Interesting.
lovely brothers,sister,friends.. I want you to suggest me some books that you feel like reading and you would like to suggest someone(thankieu)

15 06 19 - 09:06:39


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Alchemist is a lovely book. I personally feel that the other books of Paulo Coelho are unnecessarily elaborate.
I suggest you to try Khaled Hoisseini next, first, --A Thousand Splendid Suns--.

21 02 20-08:47:27

- blackrose

Veronica decodes to die.. How to win friends... Forty rules of love.. Monk who sold his ferrari

10 10 19-22:49:26


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