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Death by: lostmoon

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Hug me close with your icy hands
For I cannot feel the warmth of his love any more
Slowly reach the depth of my soul
For he cannot crawl anywhere near my soul
Give me the purple pall of yours
For he has forgotten to gift me anything
And let me sleep forever hearing the lulluby of You
For he has lost his songs forever

28 06 19 - 08:12:51


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Death : Recent Comments

- iamadaydreamer

Flowers fall .. although never touching me.. rain fall like never drenching me.. stood there a scarecrow.. thousands of star fall.. never shining me.. open with eyes ..awestruck i remain.. something so say.. heart ache is such a pain...

18 04 20-20:37:12

- theHealer


09 09 19-01:21:25

- far-away

And let me read this beautiful poem, before my eyes gone dry ...

13 07 19-03:14:07

+ MortalMan

That\'s what a post death scene looks like.It is very important to love people when they are alive.Human life is fragile and death is just a breath away.

29 06 19-23:02:19


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