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Love ur Life by: Que_Sera_Sera

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Love ur life
Take pictures of every moment
Tell your parents you love them....
Before its too late
Talk to random strangers
Hear the world in a different perspective
Do things that you are scared to do
Dont hold back and years later regret...i should have done it :)
Travel....when you have time and money
Coz money returns but time doesnt
Smile and tell the people that you really really love them(hearts)
Never hold ur feelings
If they dont appreciate it...its really not ur problem :p
Love your life
Embrace every seconds of it,like a ticking clock you will never know
When its your end

30 06 19 - 08:50:26


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Love ur Life : Recent Comments

- SilenT_TearS

Time time and time u know know when its the last .... impressiv

30 06 19-12:26:19


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