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Just miles away by: Belle_Ame

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Im just miles away
Dont think of me less
Dont think i dont worry that theres nothing in your fridge
Do you have enough food to eat
Im just miles away
You should not think of me less....
I still care more than your ignorant neighbours or the guy sitting right beside you at office
Its me the girl
Who live miles away from you
Am not just a passing by friends
Or someone who say how are you nd leave
I might not be around you
But i worried about you just like your mother
But i care about you
Just like your brother
Im trying to fit in and do my best in any situation....
Im just miles miles away ,i know that ,i understand that
But you should not think of me a distant \"special\" friend ...
Coz i do care
And i wish i can do more
If only ...if only
M not miles miles away

30 06 19 - 09:54:11


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