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Its better being alone by: Jas_Min

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you’re not demanding , its just that someone promised you something and you are hoping for that promise ,
this is the time to realize that you can never really force someone’s attention , effort , time and concern to you , leave honey , being alone is better than having in a relationship yet the feeling of being alone is still there ,
being alone is better than being in a toxic relationship, don’t regret the time , care and love you have given to someone , you just did the right thing in a relationship,
now fix yourself and get up , don’t let someone destroy you, no one’s gonnna pick you up except for yourself , go on little fighter you can do it

21 10 19 - 07:12:25


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Its better being alone : Recent Comments

- Resilient

(love3) the way you write. Dont lose yourself to someone who didnt even see your worth. Someone better is yet to come (heartflowers)

20 11 19-11:41:15

- amit85kumar

Sach bat hai akela rahne ka maza hi kuch r hai na koi tenssion, na kisi ki parwah r na hi kisi se koi ummid ho...akele ho jo karna chaho khud karo ho jaye to thik warna try karte raho kisi se help ki ummid na hogi..q ki relatiom me tab jyada taklif hoti hai jab hamara bharosa yani kisi se ummid tutata akela raho bindas raho jitna apse ho sake bina samne wale se ummid kiye jarurat k time help karna chahiye....r bindas rahna chahiye.

16 11 19-21:39:32

- blueskynight

Well said! Being broken hearted temporarily is better than to be in a wrong relationhship ur whole life

31 10 19-00:59:46

- friendlyboy

yeah totally agree wth you and its good to break a relationship when it becoes burden to any of two.

23 10 19-23:09:09


wow thats realy nice word about ur feelings thts al facts

23 10 19-00:54:09


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