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All is Well by: Resilient

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Sometimes it occurs… the universe gave you too much burden to carry. You’re extremely happy and gets very sad in a blink of an eye.
You have started blaming the world for everything that’s upsetting you.
I’ve been through this.. and I want you to remember this: DON’T LET HARDSHIPS STEAL YOUR BRIGHTEST SMILE!
When you’re troubled, keep yourself distracted from hundreds of painful thoughts that are disturbing you. Do something that brightens your mood.
When you’re lonely, keep yourself away from all people and situations that could rescind your delicate peace. You must get away from the things that takes away your happiness.
When you’re discouraged, stand tall like a great wall, show the world that you’re a strong one. You’re more than what they say. Cheer up!
When you’re feeling unloved, love yourself and the world will love you back. You deserve the best in the world.
No matter how world is hard for you to breathe in, someday you’ll see the reasons why it happens. It maybe storming too heavy now, but there is a heartfelt sunshine awaiting you.
Keep going brave soul! All is well.

02 01 20 - 11:26:06


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- kelly

Hehe well said sis. I love this blog. I think your talking about me. I worry so much sometimes i forget that theres also wonderful things in life. Thanks sis when i feel down im gona come here an read this again

08 01 20-20:28:01


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