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It was just a PAST by: Sammy2

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Day was hard?? So why so harsh???
You know me right? I am your past...
Taught you lesson, showed you result...
Didnt you saw,the experience you got??...
No matter how many you fall..
Just see the marks u left apart...
Dont be hopeless, dont be sad...
I am just a past...
Gather your marks, gather your strength..
Show the people who you are..
Success will bow, only on your works...
So cheer up, comes up with your work...
Show the people who you are...
As it was the only past...
No one knows whats the next.
Just brings your success with your works....
Make the future as brighter you want...

21 03 20 - 09:51:43


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It was just a PAST : Recent Comments

- Sanyo_0077

dekho.piykkd......!! hindi m try kro ok !!

29 03 20-22:58:17

- Ali_

very nice blog bhai kafi incredible likhari ho chupa rustam (up)

23 03 20-23:08:25

+ AmY_-

Wow!!! I mean I don\'t know what to say. It\'s mind blowing sammy

22 03 20-02:15:26

+ Sammy2

Thank you for the comments Vzeee i really like it

21 03 20-23:07:38


(clap) wow wawwwww sammy(wink), what a wonderful and awesome short blog, nicely written,and well said(tup)

21 03 20-22:05:35


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