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A letter 2 Corona by: kelly

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DEAR CORONA what did you do? (angry) You caused this disaster an im here to tell you. Business are closed, people are sick (sick1) They are dieing because of a mistake, Wash your hands, keep it clean but maybe they forgot an your virus went in. (sick) Dont hug, dont kiss thats what they say. JUST ISOLATE AN PRAY (doctor) (nurse) . Its time 4 you 2 leave Corona, pack your things an go (angry) take your fever an cough, yes we all know. Olympic (olympics) is next year now because of what you did. Its like the (earth) is standing still. Waiting for you to go, lockdown, shutdown, curfew yes dont pretend we all know. Its sad (crygirl) but what can we do? Im worried, im scared all because of you. Corona I still think that God will take you away. We all need 2 pray. Fighting the virus. Covid19 cant win this battle. Its time 2 end, keep it clean my friends (earth) (earth)

27 03 20 - 07:43:34


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