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My Memories of Kalbaisakhi by: INSURGENT

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A warm, solemn summer evening, sitting with a cup of tea, I felt so aloof, oblivious to everything,
A lull before the storm indeed;
Shaken by the windows and the doors slammed loud. The arrogant and mighty initial air soothed my body as I rushed to the balcony. Seems, the rapping of the doors and windows were a mere gesture to catch our attention.
Suddenly, all went dark.
Why? Loadshedding;
Was it that worse?
It was weirdly pleasant, the sky engulfed in lightening and thunder to bring back our conscience,
The scary rumble rebuking us for our negligence.
But, it was peaceful. The smell of the air, the candle lights, rushing towards the balcony made it so fulfilling.
Followed by throwing back a Rabindrasangeet stridently in the air. Claiming, Im free, Im omnipotent, Im lively.
A rumble quickly grew to an earth-shaking blast of thunder;
Everything seemed to be a mess. If you dont disarray things, how will you find out what you\'re looking for screamed the sky at me...
Gradually subsiding with the first rain droplets and I breathe, breathe out the sweet essence of nature.

02 04 20 - 10:21:25


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My Memories of Kalbaisakhi : Recent Comments

- Mirage

Just OSSSSAAAADHARONNNNN !! Awsome description.. This natural phenomenon is one of my favourite..

31 07 20-16:59:05

- swadhika

Darun likhechis re sohi...chotobelar sei kalbaishakhir din gulor kotha mone porle ekdom nostalgia hoye jai mon

29 04 20-02:40:19

- far-away

Kalboishakhi niye je emon sundor lekha jay tao abar engriji te, bhaba i jay na. tobe amar chotobela r smriti te kalboishakhi mane dhulo, jhor, maatir snoda gondho chapiye aase aam kurono r hoihoi moja

15 04 20-01:43:46

+ MortalMan

Oh You are Very skilled at personifying things. You created a deep meaning out of the simplest of a simple thing by your complicated wordings. Keep it up

12 04 20-12:49:53

- Nemesis

Your next nick I got omnipotent :p

03 04 20-00:32:58

- Sienna

U projected ths very nicely ! yes These r the lessons now nature giving us for not treating it properly !

02 04 20-10:37:06


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