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Imagination ! by: UNEXPECTED

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I always imagined like u
To be at height
To smile with stars
To look very bright
But like u i didn\'t learn to give yes its right
My moon just give me your light
So my life can become like a Christmas night
So i can experience god and hold him tight
Give me a life ! where u and only u is on my sight
Just me and u together spreading love and no fight
I want to laugh with your stars !
Share with them delight
To look at the marvelous creation !
Just living the whole cold night
But i know i dont deserve your gracious light !
I am a Girl who wants to be a bird .
But is a poor kite.
Whose thread is in the hands of fake relationship
Whom are pulling me towards them ! stopping me from going to height.
But my moon please hold my hand tight !
Pull me towards you ! to your side
Oh my moon just wash my soul
Remove the sins and make it bright !

14 04 20 - 03:53:31


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Imagination ! : Recent Comments

- LaLa

It is said that imagination can take us everywhere. Keep imagining (winky) NATU, you are good in it.

03 05 20-19:23:14

- swadhika

Well done natu ... the World of Imagination is highly suspicious but in the battle of reality we lost our imaginations

17 04 20-16:53:00


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