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How you will react in the covid 19 by: kingfkashmir

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These days the whole world is suffering from the Covid-19.the WHO has declared it as pandemic.there is no treatment as on date how ever social distancing can make it block from further you will act in this type of environment where there are many needy in respect of food medicine and other things.friends please comment and let me know how civilised we are.

15 04 20 - 11:45:44


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- far-away

This is really a alerming situation for a part of population in these world. Mankind has overcome certain natural hurdles by its technology and intellect. But last few years it has become obvious to face those hurdles with power of devastating weapons, which impacts the natural balance. Nature never allows instability, it always tends its working towards dyanamic equilibrium. And thats what happening.

17 04 20-10:00:34


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