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Darkness by: VintagE_BerriEs

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I lost count of days.
Here I\'m sitting, waiting for these dark days to end.
Hoping for a ray of light.
Not a day goes by without aching
for the ones who lost their loved ones.
Good things seem so far away.
And I can\'t get there no matter how fast I swim.
The world has been sinking,
deep into the depths of pain that never heals.
I lost count of moments.
Moments worth forgetting.
Moments that I wish never happened.
Inside the realm of darkness,
I\'m still waiting for that ray of light.

20 04 20 - 10:52:48


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Darkness : Recent Comments

- kingfkashmir

Keep safe keep light keep away and stay safe is the best till light falls on darkness

20 04 20-20:36:26

- VintagE_BerriEs

N yes, I hope it will be over soon. Take care Resilient.

20 04 20-19:42:02

- Resilient

Good read. This too shall pass. Keep safe and be well.

20 04 20-12:53:25


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