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World famous RABINDRA NATH TAGORE by: swadhika

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World famous poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote many poems,novels, songs, poetry and other study materials. He achhived Nobel Prize for Literature. But according to his works, he not at all respected by all over world. Some people reknowed him in the core of the heart like GOD. But some others make jokes on him which is terrible mistake. Even till now some of them has no information about HIM. It is too painful. So whats your opinion ?? What would you think about it?? Is he getting full respect or not?

21 04 20 - 03:22:00


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World famous RABINDRA NATH TAGORE : Recent Comments

- Mirage

A little correction...
Rabindranath Thakur won Nobel Prize in Literature , not Piece Prize...

09 06 21-19:55:41

- Mirage

I think it\'s mainly because of the language barrier... He got his Nobel prize only after his writings being translated ... So you can understand why it is obvious that most of his works are not wellknown all over the world...
Specially his literature and music , mostly remain non translated till date...
Also I agree with the comments of other users that , his wrinting is not very easy to translate as the deep meaning and feelings are not easy to convey through other languages ...
I think there should be some initiative taken by Govt. And also by people to translate all his work properly in some widely speaking foreign languages as well as our own Indian other regional languages...

09 06 21-19:51:21

- iamadaydreamer

Well i believe the impact he created in all of our lives can never be acknowledged as much as it touched our soul..being a bengali..i used to listen his songs from very early!! Brilliant that man it any mood..he got the song for contribution..but today new generation ppl dont really understand what hidden gem lies..dats why they make really hurts to see the poet whoes song is anthem of two countries.. getting neglected!!

10 05 20-21:32:50

- kingfkashmir

He is the best literature man of Indian subcontinent.those who make fun of him should study his biography and read the same literature for which he got Noble piece prize.

02 05 20-08:07:00


I feel his Bengali writings can never be translated in english with the same feelings. Some emotions are only well carved out in Bengali.

30 04 20-11:29:23

- karansaxena

Rabindranath Tagore is best known as a poet but he was a man of many talents.He was a painter who played an important role in modernising Bengali art. And he was a nationalist who gave up his knighthood to protest British policies in colonial India after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Amar Sonar Bangla[3], written earlier by Rabindranath, the first 10 lines of which are adopted in 1971, as National Anthem for Bangladesh. Fully respect

26 04 20-15:34:59

- LaLa

He is popular to the people of Bengal because all of his literatures are in Bengali. Thats the reason he doesnt get recognised by people all over the world. When we translate any work of literature into another language, it looses its charm.

21 04 20-05:42:09


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