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I am a WARRIOR by: swadhika

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I am a Warrior
but i don\'t know to whom I am fighting with Country? Society? Family? or with myself? or the one who is sitting far away from me
may be its YOU!
I am fighting continuously
but nooh I can\'t remember when was the fighting started
and when the fight will be end
Oh GOD yet, will this war even stop?
(Hmm) yes, it will stop
We all know every moment has an END
It iz sure that it has END.
I am an Warrior!
Not a coward
But where are my weapons?
I am covering myself with tears and curse
By losing, can I snatch the CROWN of WIN?
BY walking into the path of weakness of silence,
Winning is the resultant of JOY.

05 06 20 - 03:10:40


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I am a WARRIOR : Recent Comments

+ devil409

Don\'t feel for itself as a warrior...u r just a simple human being with shit loaded in ur its better to clear it and for this u have to fight urself...and no one is going to help u

29 06 20-02:46:54

- Prince_abhi

Badhiya he re sab ladai khud se hi hoti na kisi or se

06 06 20-11:48:54


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