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Lockdown or unlock!! by: sAbA_

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Many countries of the world have reduced the infection of corona by using lockout or its alternatives in these three to four months. It seems that India has abandoned everything Ram. The way the infection is spreading, now it is not understood why the economy was broken by two months of lockout? Millions of people became unemployed.
If the lockout was done to save lives, why is the condition of infection like this? Soon the population theory will be launched for this failure. What to do if there is such a large population. This is the surest mantra of every failure. What to do if the population is so much If you want to give a speech, then the population is seen only when the population has to avoid accountability. Then what he had done earlier was done by thinking. Why has the spread of this infection not been stopped by taking advantage of it? Are we heading to the lockout again? Or will people be left to die now?

05 06 20 - 11:35:58


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- Ali_

nice saying by you saba ji govt ka koi laah e amal corona k hawale se nahi dikh raha bus just dara rahay hain awam ko aur awam bechari bhook se takray mar rahi kon sochega

05 06 20-13:03:21


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